Pantanal Gastronomy

Pantanal Gastronomy

Pantanal Gastronomy: Authentic Flavors of the Region

Pantanal gastronomy, indeed, is a true celebration of the authentic flavors of the Pantanal, effectively reflecting the culture and tradition of this unique environment. Bearing a marked influence from rural and riverside life, Pantanal food emerges as a delicious fusion of local ingredients, simple techniques, and a special touch of hospitality. Consequently, here are some of the most emblematic dishes and ingredients of Pantanal cuisine:

Arroz Carreteiro

This dish stands as one of the best-known and best-loved in the Pantanal. Crafted with rice, shredded dried meat, onions, garlic, and peppers, it sometimes includes curd cheese. As a result, it’s a tasty and comforting meal. Ideally, it’s perfect for the long days of work on the Pantanal farms.

Arroz Carreteiro - Pantanal Gastronomy


Pirão is a traditional accompaniment to many Pantanal meals. Originating with a base of meat or fish stock, it then evolves, thickened with manioc flour to a creamy consistency. In the end, it is served to accompany meat and fish, subtly adding a touch of flavor and texture to the meal.

Freshwater Fish

The Pantanal is a paradise for lovers of freshwater fish. Fishermen catch Pacu, dourado, pintado and other types of fish in the rivers and lagoons and prepare them in a variety of ways, such as barbecuing, grilling or cooking in special sauces.

Runner beans

Influenced by the tropeira culture, the preparation of feijão-tropeiro involves mixing beans with manioc flour, bacon, sausage, eggs, and spices. Consequently, it becomes a substantial meal that efficiently provides energy for rural workers.

Runner beans - Pantanal Gastronomy

Homemade sweets

One can enjoy the sweetness of Pantanal cuisine in homemade sweets such as dulce de leche, local fruit jams, cocadas and cookies. These sweets are often prepared according to family recipes handed down from generation to generation.


Regional Herbs and Ingredients

Pantanal gastronomy also makes use of regional herbs and ingredients, such as guavira (a native fruit), pequi (a fruit from the cerrado), chili peppers and cumbaru. These ingredients add unique flavors to the meals.


Pantanal barbecue

Barbecuing meat is a Pantanal tradition. The Pantanal barbecue features high-quality cuts of meat, such as picanha, ribs and sausages, seasoned with coarse salt and cooked slowly over the fire.

Fish dishes

The Pantanal also offers a variety of fish dishes, such as moquecas, escabeche and caldeiradas, which highlight the freshness and diversity of freshwater fish.

escabeche - Pantanal Gastronomy

Pantanal gastronomy not only satisfies the palate, but also tells the story of a people connected to the land and water. It is an authentic gastronomic experience that takes visitors on a journey through the heart of the Pantanal, exploring unique flavors and sharing the rich culinary culture of this stunning region. So when you visit the Pantanal, be sure to try these authentic and delicious flavors that make Pantanal food truly memorable.

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