Adventure tours in the Pantanal

Adventure tours in the Pantanal offer a unique and exciting experience for those who wish to explore the exuberant nature and wonders of this amazing ecosystem. Situated in the heart of South America, the Pantanal is a true paradise for adventure lovers, offering a series of thrilling activities that reveal the incredible biodiversity and breathtaking scenery of this unique region.

Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife safaris are one of the most exciting activities in the Pantanal. The opportunity to spot wild animals in their natural habitat, such as the majestic jaguar, caimans, capybaras, tuiuiús and a variety of colorful birds, is an unforgettable experience.

Under the guidance of local experts, visitors are given the opportunity to traverse wetlands, trails, and rivers. In doing so, they are in pursuit of thrilling encounters with Pantanal fauna.

Pantanal of Brazil

Canoeing and Boating

Navigating the rivers and canals of the Pantanal is an incredible way to explore the aquatic landscape and observe wildlife up close. Canoeing and boat trips allow adventurers to get close to the animals that frequent the riverbanks, as well as providing panoramic views of the wetlands and stunning sunsets.

Trails and Walks

The Pantanal also offers opportunities for hiking and trekking through its varied landscapes, including grasslands, riparian forests and wetlands. Guided by experts, visitors can explore the Pantanal’s unique flora and fauna, learning about the ecology and importance of this delicate ecosystem.

Sport fishing

For fishing enthusiasts, the Pantanal is a true paradise. The fish-rich waters offer the chance to catch species such as piranhas, dorado and pacus. Sport fishing is a popular activity that combines adventure and interaction with nature.


With more than 650 species of birds recorded, the Pantanal is a dream destination for birdwatchers. The adventure tours allow visitors to capture impressive images of macaws, toucans, spoonbills and many other birds in their natural habitat.

Horseback riding

The tradition of horse breeding in the Pantanal also offers the opportunity to explore the region on horseback. Horseback riding allows adventurers to follow less explored trails, cross rivers and experience the authenticity of the Pantanal way of life.

Nature camping

For those in search of a more immersive experience, nature camping presents itself as an exciting option. Upon spending the night in rustic campsites in the Pantanal, one not only allows for a deeper connection with the environment, but also gains the opportunity to observe nocturnal animal life.

Adventure tours in the Pantanal not only provide an adrenaline rush, but also raise awareness about the importance of conserving this rich and fragile ecosystem. Guided by experienced professionals, visitors have the chance to explore the natural wonders, learn about Pantanal ecology and culture, and experience moments that will remain etched in their memories forever.

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